Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diamond (Don't Judge Me)

Drake leaned up against a tree, he heard this nearly a dozen times now but he made sure too keep eye contact with Diamond. If he didn't listen she would know and be furious. They were standing in a natural path they had found through the dense trees surround the un-measurably colossal Tree-of-Life. The natural scents of the forest and the sounds of creatures and birds was thick in the air.

"They still treat us like a threat," Diamond continued. "Like we are villains, just because we don't do as were told and I know its mostly because they fear our power. There has too be some way we can force them too just leave us alone, I don't want an alliance, I don't want anything to do with them."

"Too be fair," Drake interrupted. " Several of our people like Sibra and even yourself have acted directly against them. Too them you were villains. And as for being afraid of our power, seriously diamond we have 2-3 people here that could rival all of the Demigods single handed-ly."

I don't care!" Diamond shouted "They are so full of them selves thinking that we can't be trusted on our word but they can. They trust the Drifters, They trust del..."

Drake interrupted again "Jake and del have both helped the demigods repeatedly."

"I said I don't care! I don't like being judged. Its as simple as that if they keep on trying to put us in our place as what they define as the good guys then I am going to snap." Diamond had gotten within and inch of Drakes face and was clearly angry, like usual.

"Wait," Drake said with a smirk coming on his face. "Snap huh, so your saying right now your holding it in?"

Diamond turned away.

"So you are trying to be good aren't you Diamond?" Drake asked.

"Shut up!" Diamond yelled whipping back too him. "I said I don't like being judged that includes by you Drake!" Now she looked furious and she even began too slightly glow as she was yelling her skin turned turning into a white light and her blue dress appearing to light up. But she loved Drake and so she calmed down if only a little. She roughly turned away and stormed off. Drake admiring her as she went couldn't help but wonder if Diamond truly was dangerous. "Nah, she's just Hot." He told himself.
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