Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ADD (Campaign log 1)

Last night I dm’ed/played some more Adventures Dark and Deep. Unfortunately everyone that usually joins us and all the people we invited were unable to make it. So it was just me and Laisa, but we still had fun.

In the previous session Einar had negotiated with one of the patrons of the Flying Mage tavern. He agreed to take us to see Caldwell and we would all get an equal share of pay and loot. We had all decided to accept the task of clearing out the Stirge nest and exploring below Castle Caldwell. Einar had negotiated our pay as well but the commoner from the tavern split with his share of the pay and Einar left to track him down.

This left Eloum and Thayd to complete the task so they decided to use their money too hire at least one other person to come with. The found a poor tavern “The Mason” and traded some candles for beer and information on who might like to be hired. They hired a man named Philip and offered him 33 silver for one month’s wages. (we are using a customized silver not gold standard).

We agreed too meet up with Phillip in two days at The Mason. So, Eloum and Thayd quickly went too the bank before dusk each deposited some coins they had gotten from Caldwell and also deposited Philips pay in his name. After that they Slept at “The Brown Bell Inn” and spent the next day purchasing Armor, Darts, a Lantern and other supplies.

They Slept at The Brown Bell again and then in morning met up with Phillip and they all left for Castle Caldwell. Upon opening the main doors we immediately discovered a group of three young Stirge. Even though the Stirge were surprised two still got the initiative and rushed at Thayd. One attached its self and the other missed. Philip moved up to assist Thayd while Eloum threw darts at the remaining Stirge.

The third Stirge rushed over to Eloum, who was still in the doorway. Eloum was quickly brought too negative Hit Points but one of his traits (for being a mystic if I remember right) allowed him to remain conscious. Thayd move too help Eloum and Philip now dropped unconscious.

Once Eloum was free they both killed the final Stirge and bandaged Philippe and then Eloum. We decided to retreat to town and this ended the game session.

Even though it was just the two of us playing we manage too keep a decent amount of dialog and role-playing. The session might have continued but we spent some time adapting to the new combat system. It was new in ways. I have seen it before but wife had not. We had fun and all lived even Philip and got a little experience.

System: Adventures Dark and Deep by Joseph Bloch
Module: B1-B9 In search of adventure
Laisa = (Thayd) High Elf, Mage/Mountebank
Me = (Eloum) High Elf, Mystic/Fighter/Savant
Brandon = (Frey) Gray Elf, Mage
Justin = (Einar)Wild Elf, Fighter/Thief

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