Sunday, August 21, 2011

Plans for this Blog

This was originally suppose to be a dnd blog, but It looks like I am going to be posting alot more short stories then dnd articles, so here are my plans.

I hope too post at least 3 or more stories a week

Each story might not be finished however

Some posts might pick back up where a previous post left off

I still might occasionally post about dnd or other projects

If anyone wants too make requests such as for me too continue a certain story I will try too

I don't want too stress out too much about finishing stories

Since I think the secret to writing is "too write" that is my main goal too just consistently post new writing.

I welcome all feedback and criticism. I would love comments and requests on the blog.

And if you click on the ads then that will make me some money and help support my writing and my family.
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