Friday, August 19, 2011

The God With the Blue Glasses.

Written by Zerax Del Ephrion 214 P.S. (2nd Time Cycle)

I have discovered a paradox above and beyond the known gods, yes even the old ones. It is likely that I will be forwarding this too Loretta and possibly to the Drifter Federation as well. However if this copy has been found in my library then for the sake of knowledge feel welcome to look over my notes and continue my research. As such this document has not been cursed or in any way altered too hinder any who reads it other then too take the original from my library. Although making a copy will also not be hindered.

As many are aware the existence of Gaia the creator of the universe and the tree of life has been proven. However I believe their is an existence of another being. Possibly the same one that Ian described encountering in his youth. The man he described as the god with the blue glasses.

This man or god seams too believe our existence is within a game or story. Thus it can't be helped but to question his sanity. Although, despite this belief he seams too hold all of us in high esteem and I have found no evidence of him taking actions against us "Characters" as he calls us.

This being goes by the name of Louis he seams too have a strange ability too mold certain aspects of will itself. There is a curiosity here in that when many changes occur within the universe there are also many changes taking place within Louis as well. It is unclear if it is the internal energies of our existence that alter his emotional and mental state or perhaps the growth and change of his character has ramifications throughout our lives.

I have discovered that he spends much of his time discussing our lives, from major events and catastrophes down to the clothes that we wear. As well as watching and discussing people in other dimensions and times.

Now as to the Paradox I mentioned before. I am unclear as to weather or not we existed before he began speaking of us or if indeed he is our creator. However I have found evidence that we were unable to discover the existence of the tree of life and the great mother Gaia until he spoke of us doing so. So within our universe you could say he created her. Yet he believes that Gaia created him, in his life.

AS if he is merely a story or creation made by her who then in the time allotted too him has created our universe and created her within it. These stories and thoughts floating through his mind and forming without control on his part as he floats through the ocean of life that he is in.

The ideas behind this magic or science simply boggle even my mind. Where does life and existence begin and where does it end? Did we exist before or after this man or god? A question as simple and yet complex as asking do these words exist before my quill writes them or after.

For me it isn't entirely un-similar to the naming of a child. A man and woman many times will first imagine having a child and even discuss its name as if he or she already exists, so does a child not exist long before conception? Does an imagined child or one never born not exist?

Perhaps we are born of Louis' universe and perhaps his is born of ours. Or are we all just floating through the mind of some even greater being that we are both yet too touch and yet always within.
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