Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jake The Drifter, Post 2

I knew that after the fight we were going to be traveling again to another town or village. I was glad we got some bread before we left. We quickly crossed farmland but making sure not too look like we were running. Then entered the the wild. It kept getting thicker as we went east. Jake took us off the road, but I was confidante he knew the way. Shortly after that I could no longer see the sun, but I was surprised that before we had slept we already had come into a small village.

Now that we were clear of the tree line, I could see it was just barely dusk. Then I was scared as Jake took my hand and led me right too a building, an inn. I couldn't believe it when he opened the door and took me right inside.

The lady of the house walked into the room. She smiled when she saw us. I think she was a nice person. She said "Children, I would but help you if only I had food too spare." She walked over and ruffled Jake's hair. I thought she was petting him like goat but he didn't move away, and I hid behind him.

"I will see what I can do maybe an extra blanket so you will stay warm, but you cannot stay here its bad for business." The lady was walking into another room but Jake stopped her.

"No need, I want too offer a trade." Jake reached into his pocket and brought something out. "I found this copper ring on the road and thought it might be worth a meal."

The lady came back over and I went back too hiding. She took the ring and looked at it then said. "This isn't copper. This is made of gold!" She grabbed Jake's shoulders which startled me. Jake released my hand. "Now tell me boy, did you steal this if so I can't accept it."

Jake replied while looking right into her eyes. "I would never steal anything.... least it be too help my sister." They both stood silent for a moment. "Very well." She replied while letting go. "You can stay the night, we need the buisness but you will tell me all the details of how you got this."

I don't remember much of the night. The lady made food and Jake told me too eat my fill and then some. I must have fallen asleep at the table after stuffing myself. Later, I woke up in a bed. I heard loud banging and as I sat up I saw Jake jumping to his feet from the floor.

He was still near the bed when the door flew open. A tall skinny man with hair cut like a bowl ran into the room, he looked all around and right at us then went to the window opened it a jumped out. I was not use too sleeping indoors so I wasn't sure if that was strange or not.

Shortly after there was some yelling and a man dressed like an explorer entered the room. I could hardly tell what he looked like as his clothing covered most of him but I knew the type. Someone who was not poor but traveled from town to town and throughout the wild by choice.

He yelled at us "Where did that scoundrel go?" Jake pointed to the window, and then the man jumped out it after the last guy!

I pulled the blanket over my head and wondered if sleeping inside was worth it. The lady of the house entered the room and said frantically, "they broke my vase and trampled my carpet. I'm not even sure if they stole anything or not."

I looked out of the covers as Jake walked to the window. "Then I shall stop them for you, Missy stay here." Once he was gone and out the window I decided if ever I lived in a house or barn it would be built with no windows.

I stayed in bed but was given a cup of cocoa tea and sugars. I later was told what happened too Jake. When he landed from the two story jump he saw the two men fighting in a field not far away. He tried too carefully approach them but by the time he got to them their knives had been drawn and both men were at a stand off.

Jake said to them "You have trespassed through the bed and breakfast and now fight on another mans land. Why not settle this at dawn after settling your debt for the broken vase." They heard horses in the distance and then silence as they each stared at each other.

"Because he is a thief and a murderer!" Shouted the explorer.

"How was I too know you kept rodents as friends," asked the taller man.

"it wasn't a rodent,it was my pet squirrel and you shouldn't have taken it!"

"I didn't the thing followed me and I didn't know feeding him would kill him."

Jake was about to walk away finding the whole thing foolish, when a single horse came out of the darkness of the field and nearly trampled them all. The explore screamed and dove for the ground while Jake attempted to calm the horse down. Then the taller man grabbed the horse and had it calmed quickly.

The explorer was standing up when they noticed a small mob of people approaching. "There they are, horse thieves!" Another escaped horse fled past the group and they realized it could look like they had stolen them.

Jake jumped onto the horses back somehow being cut off by the taller man and ending up behind him. They both rode off away from the mob and heard the explorer yelling, "No, No, I'm not a horse thief I was chasing the thieves yeah that's it."

Jake told the man too turn the horse around. They went back and saved the explores life before he was beaten with torches and stones. The horse couldn't carry three people for long but they got away and Jake was planning too head back into the village to get me.

But by taking the easiest way into the denser part of the forest they took the same route as the real horse thieves did. The three of them plowed right into their camp. The thieves must have thought it was people from the town coming too arrest them. They quickly drew weapons.

One jumped from a sleeping roll and drawing a sword was crushed by Jake who had jumped off the horse. Another thief had broken bones from being trampled but drew a knife and threw it, hitting the horse.

The nearby horses began loudly fighting at their ropes. Shouts and chaos broke out. The taller man stopped the horse as two people dragged him from it. The fifth and final thief came at the explorer from behind as he dismounted.

Jake took the first man's sword from him and was forced to kill him before the man stabbed him with his knife. He made it over just in time too save the explore, who had a sword of his own and was only then drawing it.

The thief who threw a knife into the horse was drawing another Jake knew he was there and ran too him just in time to stop him before he could get another one thrown. By this time the fight was over. Five men dead and blood on my brothers hand.

The three simply stood staring at each other. The taller man spoke first "I am poor and here there are five more horses, food and equipment. Go back to the village if you want but they will likely kill you anyway. They don't forgive anyone they think took horses." He looked at the explorer and yelled, "But if you wish too stop me then I shall kill you all the same."

"My poor squirrel is gone and now this town will kill me so I'd rather come along if its all the same. My name is Brandon." The explorer introduced himself and even offered a hand.

The tall man took his hand as Jake spoke, "My name is Jake, I am a drifter so now is as good a time as any too move on."

"Very well Jake the drifter and Brandon, my name is Ian. I am a treasure hunter by trade but for now I say we wrangle up these horses and bodies and make some distance at night." The tall man shook their hands and was heading to the tied up horses.

"I have to go back for my sister. Let me take a horse and I will catch up with you." Jake asked uneasily.

Ian looked at him closely and said. "I can't be certain your not going to report us and I am not cold hearted, so we all will return for your sister."

That is when I saw my brother next. The three of them riding through the village with five horses and a mob of farmers gathering to chase them again. Jake rode right up too the window and yelled for me too jump. I was scared but I trust him and he did catch me.
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