Saturday, August 27, 2011


Storymash Descibes its self as "A creative writing community for authors, amateur writers, readers and anyone interested incollaborative fiction and collaborative creative writing."

I love it as it seams too be a great way too get some inspiration for writing. Basically here is how it works. You can post any writing that you are the author of and not breaking any copyrights by posting. You still maintain the ownership of your writing so your not giving up any right.

People will read and vote on your writing. (You start with 2.9 stars instead of being able to just jump too 5 or 0) Then they can comment or even branch off of your story-line and write a chapter of their own. You can of course continue writing your version of the story.

You can also read anyone else's writing and if you feel inspired or don't like how the story is going you can add a chapter too their story and write it yourself and even keep going from there. Each story can have unlimited amounts of branches.

Like I said before you also maintain ownership of your writing so you can still post it on your blog or wherever.

Also (although I like the site without it) you can make money on your writing because story-mash will pay you some of the money they make from ads, based on the popularity of your story. Don't let this bother you though if you just like writing for fun I love the site even without making money. Too be honest I haven't made that much yet anyway so who cares :)

So check out storymash or some of my writing and hopefully I will get too read some of yours on there soon.

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