Sunday, August 28, 2011

Legends and Labyrinths: First Impressions (post 2)

This is continuing my first impressions post for Legends and Labyrinths. The first post can be found here.

I actually just messed up and lost the second half of the post but I am going to try and reconstruct it or hit the main points.

I noticed that 1st level characters start with one contact. I thought this might slow things down but I quickly wrote my father was a gem cutter and moved on.

When buying armor I liked that the donning time (such as for putting on plate mail) was listed on the same table as gold piece cost and AC. When buying weapons It was nice too see that the splash weapons was on the same page as regular weapons. However I could not buy a throwing axe and the club didn't have range listed so as a cleric I felt kinda forced into buying daggers for a one handed throwing weapon. Also none of the weapons were free, that might be a good thing.

The equipment section had advice on what too buy that might be invaluable for new players

Adventuring Gear is broken into smaller sections and each section is placed too where their descriptions are on the same page as their prices.

I finished the character at exactly 2:45, so it took me 45 mins and could have taken 35 since now I know where too look for the class skills and HD. I imagine I could shave off 10 or more mins making a human fighter.

When making a character in many other rpg's it takes me 2+ hours. I think that when I am ready to play 3rd edition again I will be using L&L as my system of choice. In many ways this book is a DMG and PHB in one. I also like the system for making monster, traps and npc's. I originally was worried about the stunt system but that is actually looking great now that I see how it works.

If you know what Legends and Labyrinths is trying to do then I think it does just that very well. It has not lost any of the flavor of 3.5 and yet it looks like it can be easier and quicker too use.

Now I just hope they get enough funding too release the free supplements too those of us that have funded it.
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