Saturday, August 27, 2011

M Theory sounds like the Manual of Planes

If you watch this video and think of the planes of existence in DnD or even some of the beliefs held by many pagans, you might find that they coincide amazingly well.

For example it talks about an infinite number of universes floating in the 11th dimension. Sounds alot like the Ethereal (or is astral?) too me. They even speak of gravity coming from other universes or a universe of nothing but lightning. Reminds me of the elemental planes.

Of course an infinite number of realities isn't a new concept and maybe not discussed much in dnd as it seams too mostly focus on specific planes but still aren't all of the planes of existence said too being floating in the ethereal just like on this video.

Might fun too fly na spell jamer through this 11th dimension rather then just space.

Also as a pagan I have always believed that each person exists here and in other realms at the same time. Essentially when I speak too me spirte guide I am speaking through the spirit realm which very well could be going through this 11th dimension. At night I sometimes travel through the membranes too other realities. I do sometimes get astral travel and ethereal a little confused in my head but that's mostly just a vocabulary confusion for me.

Anyway wether watching this video for gaming ideas, spirituality or entirely scientific its still an interesting video that explains the basics of M-theory and how it came about.

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