Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ADD Campaign log 3.5

After returning to Threshold, Eloum and Frey and some others went straight to the church to rest. Thayd sold some gems to the bank while Kol found his connection with the Assassin's Guild and convinced them to buy the young stirges and eggs.

We also found a sorcerer to sell some harpy feathers too and that's what we made the most profit off of. Kol took the money to city hall and payed the taxes then paid the church for all of our healing. Then money was then divided up.

Eloum had some of his extra income donated to the Sorceress apprentices and then gave all the rest of his to a smithy for a down payment on a set of plate-mail which will take some time to be imported and finished. The slept that night with the intention of returning straight back to the castle in morning.

Kol snuck out and went into Fogor isle eventually negotiating purchase poisons with a man named Jeb and found out the Loggermans Courier was a distribution center for such things.

The next morning they set out. Kol was the first to go down the trap door, followed by Philip. He immediately checked down the corridor and half orc with a trident and net. After Eloum came down the trap door suddenly snapped closed sealing them off from the rest of the party.

Kol and Philip were suspicious of Krok as the half-orc introduced himself. But he agreed to help us find a way out. Kol made him lead the way ahead but told him to check in a door to the side. They entered a room that had too wizards working at a lab. They seamed nice at first until they shoved a knife into Kroks side.

Kol thought the wizards were suspicious of Krok or knew something and so helped them dispatch the half-orc and was then surprised when the wizards attacked him as well. The wizards fought like maniacs and Krok turned out to be something quite different then a hal-orc. He was still alive but unconscious until Kol's trident said otherwise.

We followed a corridor to the west after looting the wizards and their lab, we had to leave off her while investigating some honeycombed holes on the wall.

System: Adventures Dark and Deep by Joseph Bloch
Module: B1-B9 In search of adventure
Laisa = (Thayd) High Elf, Mage/Mountebank
(Lotus) Dark Terran (drow) Assassin/Necromancer
Me = (Eloum) High Elf, Mystic/Fighter/Savant
Brandon = (Frey) Gray Elf, Mage
Justin = (Einar)Wild Elf, Fighter/Thief
Mike = Kolass (Half-Orc, Fighter/Assassin)

Hirelings of Note:
Philip 1sp Man-at-Arms

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