Sunday, October 23, 2011

About my early look at Darker Paths 2.

I wasn't completely satisfied with my post about Darker Paths 2. I kind of feel like I didn't give any information or much of an opinion that you couldn't figure out for self by reading the announcement on Joseph's blog.

The reason for this is I didn't want to name specific abilities or spells that are in the book without permission to do so. Which means really I wrote it too quickly and didn't take my time deciding what I wanted to mention specifically.

Despite that my opinion still stands that it's a great Witch class, and that's great news for me as several adventures I am planning will have something to do with witch's or witch craft.

I'm still going to be going through the spells looking for typo's or any other issues's and general play testing but I'm guessing it won't be long until you can grab it for yourself and make your own opinion.
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