Sunday, October 30, 2011

Free .pdfs for Halloween on currently has little pumpkin pictures throughout its site that if you click on it will add a .pdf to your cart and discount it so it's free. So far I have found like 4 pumpkins. Two on the main page, one in my library and forget where I found the other one.

So I got Profane Miracles, Living in a Zombieland, All Flesh Must be Eaten Revised and Supernatural Adventures, all for free.

If you find any more pumpkins tell me where they are!


I found this list at

1) Event announcement.
2) Home page.
3) Wishlist.
4) Quickstart = Trick
5) FAQ = Trick
6) Contact us.
7) Newsletter
8) Free stuff
9) My Library
10) Orders updated since last download
11) Products awaiting review
12) Contact Options
13) Newletters
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