Saturday, October 8, 2011

Current Status.

My ADD group hasn't been showing up, unfortunately, but by next Tuesday I'll likely finish Castle Caldwell even if it is just me and my wife playing.

Still playing the Castle Ravenloft Board Game, off and on. Our last game was with just two heroes on adventure 4, I think. We lost twice in a row, lol.

And, so I have been spending most of my time revising my Kurahast rule set. I keep cutting things and remaking it to try and get it as concise as possible. Right now it basically a low level, low power set up. With some house rules I think will be nice and using L&L Combat stunts. The main thing most people would like is the Skill tree system I use. Literately, the class powers and feats are set up as a skill tree using inserted shapes in excel.

I couldn't possibly release the file yet, because 2 years ago I had it all set up and done then the whole thing got erased. So I'm remaking the skill tree completely, and this time doing even more confinement. It actually is becoming alot different from my last version of Kurahast.
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