Sunday, October 30, 2011

Darker Paths 2, The Witch is now available.

If your following The Greyhawk Grognard then your probably already aware that Darker Paths 2, The Witch has been released. If not, then now you know. 

The Witch is an evil character with abilities such as Poison brewing, Candle Magic, spells including Esbat and Sabbat rituals and of course the ability to gain a familiar (I hope I get the Cat).

Also, something I didn't even know was going to happen, you can pick up Both The Witch and Darker Paths 1, The Necromancer, together for only $8. (Normally $5 each). Joseph also said that if you have already bought The Necromancer then he will contact you with a way for you to take advantage of the discount.

Since these are both holiday themed or out in time for Halloween, I wonder if Joseph will make thanksgiving or Christmas classes, Maybe the next product will be Travelers Path 1, The Pilgrim.
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