Monday, October 17, 2011

Creation Mythos

I wanted a base creation mythos for my new campaign, but I wanted it written as if by a prophet or mystic. So I came up with this.

It's purposely hard to read but if you really want to know what it says here it is:

Quidditas Primitus, shall ye learn,
neither of Harmony nor Discord, born,
thus from Gaia did all sojourn.

Confusion, Clarity, Life and Death,
that which is Kind and that which is Left,
Awareness free of Primal breadth.

The Hour and Compass mattered not,
foretold of doom and eternity sought,
thus a Trinity did now plot.

Primordial separated on sake of temperance,
strange Land egresses, framed of balance,
segregation of ethos, causes repentance.

All that was known, now floating about,
Shards of time fall in diverse amounts,
authority proclaimed but dominion without.

I used this site, to help ground my ideas, so there will be some similarity to Maldins creation mythos.
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