Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick 0'lvl rules.

I think next time I decided to play 3.5 but want to start at 0 level but mostly follow the core rules I am going to do this (after stats and race are determined):
  • Pick a class
  • Roll for hit die
  • Give skill points at x2 not x4
  • Max ranks 3
  • No first level feat
  • +0 to BA
  • +1 to your good saves, not +2
  • no class features or traits
  • spell casters get 1/2 of their 0 level spells
Then when they hit level 1
  • Max out first hit die
  • give the rest of the skill points
  • max ranks is now 4
  • gain 1st level feat
  • gain BA
  • gain +1 to good save
  • gain class features
  • gain the rest of your level 1 spells

Although the classes wouldn't have their features martial classes would have access to better weapons and would have a potentially higher HP. skill based classes would still have more skills.
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