Sunday, October 9, 2011

Examples of proper skill use.

DM: You have arrived in town and slept at the Inn. You awake feeling refreshed in the morning.
Player: Can I buy some new weapons, I don't see the ability on my sheet do any of you have that ability.
DM: You just need to find a shop or visit the market district.
Player: Ok, I use balance to walk out of my room and then climb to get down the stairs. If I see anyone I will use Diplomacy to convince them to tell me where a shop is. And then balance or tumble my way to the shop. Then I will appraise the goods. Bluff the shop keeper, while using sense motive on him. And then role some knowledge checks on what I am buying.
DM: You forgot to roll a concentration check while leaving to remember to grab all your equipment. So, roll survival to see if you can live without it.
Player: Can I roll spot to try and notice it on the way out.
DM: Sure, you manage to spot some equipment laying around in your room.
Player: Ok, do I use an Int check to know who's it is or will Knowledge Local work.
DM: Knowledge Local, so you can tell if it's suppose to be there or if you brought it.
Player: Ok, I pick up all of my stuff.
DM: Roll a perform check.
Player: Perform?
DM: Yeah, Perform, Menial Task, also make a listen check to see if you hear your conscious remind you not to take what isn't yours. Also roll a Knowledge Humanoid check when you catch your own reflection in the mirror.
Player: Can I also roll a sense motive check to see what the person in the mirror wants.
DM: Your doing alot right now roll a concentration check.
Player: Ok, *rolls low
DM: You weren't concentrating on breathing and so you pass out. You hit your head on the dresser, which is a huge bludgeoning weapon that's 1d10 damage and 1d6 for the fall. You take 11 damage.
Player: As I am bleeding can I roll a spot check to notice my life slipping away.
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