Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Page Dungeon: Infected House

I finally have my Kurahast Ruleset (based on 3e) ready for me to begin playtesting, and so I quickly threw together a small adventure site for low level characters.

It's not necessarily a quality product or even balanced for that matter but I will place the jpeg of it below. I used hexs instead of squares because for now I'm using hexs for everything, I'm bored of squares, lol.

Basically its an old house that is now infected with various bugs and vermin. Some of them can be whole colonies. I also layed some out to possibly help each other, and the large mosquitoes and Bot flies should be able to wander around.

I haven't done treasure yet and the file is rough looking because I slapped it together for my own use. If you roll to see how many creatures are in each area it could end up being rather tough for 1st level characters if they don't play smart.

Edit: Like any one page dungeon you should be able to easily adapt this to the system of your choice, however the exact names of these vermin match were taken from d20pfsrd.com so if your playing 3e/pathfinder you can get all the stats you need from there.

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