Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing as kids, Post 1

Me and my players often like starting a campaign out as kids but I never fleshed out a complete set of rules on how I was going to handle the statistics, I usually just winged it.
After posting the Quick 0’lvl rules, I decided I could take that a step further and make essentially a Young, Young Adult and then commoner level. So, here is what I’ve got.

Making the character:
All stats start at 6, with 10 points to add via the point buy system.
Gain all racial features. (or maybe all non cultural, racial features.)
Start with no weapon or armor proficiencies
1 hp
Instead of getting your skill points times four you don’t multiply it so you’re basically getting ¼ of your first level skill point
No class features and no feats etc
+0 to BA and saves

Becoming a Young Adult:
Once the PC progress to the next stage he gains
Another 10 points for stats
Another 1 hp
Weapon and armor proficiencies
Another ¼ skill points
And if it’s a spell caster ½ of their 0’lvl spells

Then becoming a 0’lvl character or Adult:
Another set of points +10
    These can be adjusted to use the standard or elite array.
    Since they started at 6 then another 12 points are needed on top of the standard 15 so a total of 27.
    If they just got another 10 then they could have a total of 30 (18), which would a little above average.

Roll your actual classes hit die, if its higher than 2 use that
Another ¼ skill points
+1 to your good saves
The rest of your o’lvl spells

When you finally make it to level 1 you gain:
All class features
Your full saves and BA
Your first level feat
The final ¼ skill points
Max out your starting hit die

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