Friday, October 14, 2011

Is it bad to judge people by their looks even a little.

This was Originally a post on google+ but since it was a long post and I think well thought out, I decided to archive it here. Later I will likely move the comments to here as well.

Is it bad to judge people by their looks even a little.

I hate to say it but sometimes I don't understand someone's post until after I have looked at their profile. When I can put a picture to the words of any topic I just feel like I get what they are saying better. On the other hand I have had times where something seams really interesting or funny but then when I see who is saying it, I'm thrown off a little.

I think everyone does it to a degree. Here is an example, +Ayoub Khote is an excellent author who occasionally writes about heaven/hell type themes. His writing is already excellent. But if I found out they were actually written by a 10 year old girl, I'd be even more impressed. Frankly I think the world would be astounded. But what does that have to do with his work.

I might like his writing less if he were only 17 and were from California I suppose that makes me prejudice but then aren't we all.

Suppose someone told me to Shut my Trap and spend sometime off my computer. I'd be rather offended and likely click on their profile. Then suppose I saw it was +Ila East (not that I'm saying should would say that) Well I'd likely realize she is right I spend way to much time on electronics. I'd probably go outside for awhile.

So does seeing what someone looks like actually matter? Does it somehow put the words into better context? Am I racist?
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