Friday, August 26, 2011

NPC Creation using playing cards.

Over at Mythopoeic Rambling Theodric has posted a pdf that gives some quick rules too make random npc's and their stats using a normal deck of playing cards. I haven't tested it myself yet but I definitely see some potential there. Mostly I think I would use it in game when I don't want too be sitting at a computer but want too quickly get an idea for an npc.

Must first too concerns for his method are that it doesn't mention personality or quirks and I'm not sure how the random stats will turn out. But like I said I haven't tested it yet.

I think I will be likely not use the whole method but maybe just use it too genorate the race and/or class and the prime ability score. I could see use'g a card deck for many other ideas though maybe random alignment. Social class or contacts. Maybe even random weapons.

I guess in my mind though you could make a deck represent almost everything random in a campaign that you want. Even evernts or dungeon rooms. But maybe instead of making cards for specific things I could make tables to draw on rather then roll on.
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